COVID Parent Information

Parents/guardians around the district began sharing information regarding their family's COVID cases so other parents had more knowledge. This spread into several Facebook groups created for schools at this google spreadsheet.

A few of the Facebook groups that have been active in some of the COVID matters:
  • "Knoxville Parents Against Covid" - "For parents, KCS staff, and care givers who are concerned about Covid spreading in our schools. Our goal is to facilitate communication about our children’s positive Covid results so that we may contact trace through schools and classrooms and ensure our children are safe. Our ultimate goal is to hold BOE accountable for implementing safety measures that align with CDC and AAP in our schools." (the Facebook page "About")
  • "SPEAK: Students Parents Educators Across Knox County" -  "SPEAK is a collaborative effort of parents, students, teachers, and other community members working for positive educational change in Knox County through awareness, advocacy, and empowerment. We support the strengthening of public schools through the active involvement of all stakeholders." (- Facebook page "About" first paragraph)
  • "KCS PASS Crew" -  "The KCS PASS Crew is teachers, administrators, loved ones, community members, neighbors, and mission-minded friends who support the work and parents of KCS PASS. More info at Follow us at