Support Objectives

We are working toward goals of supporting the students and teachers of SMGMA in areas both big and everyday.  As our funds and budgets grow, it will enable us to reach for the big goals, but we don't want those constraints to stop us from providing support for the smaller things on the way.

Big Goals:

  • Upgrading Playgrounds and replacing end of useful life equipment
    • Total Cost ~$24,000 per playground
    • 4 Playgrounds to upgrade, starting with Kindergarten first
  • Technology Upgrades / Equipment Budget

Everyday Goals:

  • Support Yearbook development and ensure access to all who want one
  • School grounds beautification
  • Provide resources to support field trips and other initiatives working with the SMGMA administration

How to Donate:

One-time Donations are accepted via the store as either general donations (add multiple to the cart to adjust the amount) or you can donate via PayPal easily to either the general fund or for a Yearbook below.  Using the links below will also allow you to create recurring (monthly, etc) donations!

General Fund - Donate to the general fund for operations of the PTO and goals both big and everyday above.

Yearbook - Donate a yearbook to a student.  We would like to ensure that every student can have a yearbook this year.